EquiMar Project Releases Protocols

EquiMar or `Equitable Testing and Evaluation of Marine Energy Extraction Devices in terms of Performance, Cost and Environmental Impact' was a three year EU Seventh Framework Programme project that set out to produce a suite of protocols covering all aspects of marine renewable energy extraction.

These protocols provide a rich resource of information and guidelines for a broad range of topics related to marine renewables including numerical modelling, wave and tidal resource estimation, device design and testing, ecological impact, economic benefit and many more. The project has now been completed and a single volume containing all the protocols is available either as a pdf or in hard copy and can be retrieved or ordered through the EquiMar wiki.

SuperGen Marine has been very happy to support the EquiMar project in providing some of the background research that has led to the formation of the protocols.

Additionally, EquiMar's Lesley Riddoch has been working alongside the scientific team to produce media for communicating the work of the project to the wider marine renewable energy community and the general public. Embedded here is a short film that provides an example of this output where principal investigator Professor David Ingram of The University of Edinburgh explains the Equimar project in more detail. Additional videos and further information related to EquiMar can be found on the official EquiMar website.

Professor David Ingram Introduces the Equimar Protocols