Launch of Open-Source Edinburgh

During the UKCMER Annual Assembly in December 2018, the University of Edinburgh Open Source suite of tools in marine device and system modelling were launched. These tools were developed over the past few phases of SuperGen Marine and include:

  1. xfemm, an advanced finite element analysis toolkit (available here),
  2. an electrical machine simulation and design toolbox, which features modular machine simulation components for both rotary and linear machines (available here),
  3. a Multi-Body Dynamics Toolbox, which provided a Matlab/Octave interface to an advanced multi-body, and multiphysics simulator, MBDyn (available here),
  4. the Edinburgh Wave Systems Toolbox, which allows time-domain modelling of wave energy converters (WEC) (available here),
  5. and OceanEd, a software to create and test hydrodynamic time-domain models of WEC arrays (available here).