Phase 3

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Physical Modelling of an Array of 25 Heaving Wave Energy Converters to Quantify Variation of Response and Wave Conditions

Publication Author(s): 

Troch, P.
Stratigaki, V.
Stallard, T.
Forehand, D.
Folley, M.
Kofoed, J.P.
Benoit, M.
Babarit, A.
Gallach Sánchez. D.
De Bosscher, L.
Rauwoens, P.
Elsässer, B.
Lamont-Kane, P.
McCallum, P.
McNatt, C.
Angelelli, E.
Percher, A.
Carpentero Moreno, E.
Bellew, S.
Dombre, E.
Charrayre, F.
Vantorre, M.
Kirkegaard, J.
Carstensen, S.

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