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Publication Title Author(s) Publication Date
Impact of tidal energy converter (TEC) arrays on dynamics of headland sand banks NEILL, S. P., JORDAN, J. R. & COUCH, S. J. 2012
Nearshore Oscillating Wave Surge Converters and the Development of Oyster WHITTAKER, T. & FOLLEY, M. 2012
Phasing of Tidal current energy around the UK and potential contribution to electricity generation IYER, A. S., COUCH, S. J., HARRISON, G. P. & WALLACE, A. R. 2011
Reliability-based design of rotor blades in tidal stream turbines VAL, D.V. AND CHERNIN, L. 2011
Grid-connected renewables, storage and the UK electricity market WILSON, G., MCGREGOR, P. G., INFIELDS, D., & HALL, P. 2011
Investigation of the effects of mooring line surface buoys on the extreme mooring loads of wave energy converters KRIVSTOV, V. & LINFOOT, B.T., & HARRIS, R.E. 2011
Energy efficiency, rebound effects and the environmental Kuznets curve TURNER, K. & HANLEY, N. 2011
Experimental and numerical investigation of the internal kinematics of a surf-zone plunging breaker EMARAT, N., FOREHAND, D.I.M., CHRISTENSEN, E. D. & GREATED, C. A. 2011
Probabilistic evaluation of failure rates of mechanical components in tidal stream turbines VAL, D.V. & CHERNIN, L. 2011
Reliability of tidal stream turbine blades VAL, D.V. & CHERNIN, L 2011
Protocols for the Equitable Assessment of Marine Energy Converters INGRAM, D. M., SMITH, G. H., FERRIERA, C. B. & SMITH, H. 2011
An integrated IO and CGE approach to analysing changes in environmental trade balances TURNER, K., GILMARTIN, M., MCGREGOR, P., & SWALES, K. 2011
Modelling of disruption to benthic habitats and overall ecosystem functioning by marine renewable energy installations KRIVSTOV, V. & LINFOOT, B.T 2011
PIV Analysis of the Near Wake of a Tidal Turbine GOOD, A., HAMILL, G., WHITTAKER, T. & ROBINSON, D. 2011
Reliability of power train components in tidal stream turbines VAL, D.V., & ILIEV, C 2011
A Homopolar HTSG Topology for Large Direct Drive Wind Turbines KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M. 2011
Design and Testing of a Linear Generator for Wave Energy Applications HODGINS, N., KEYSAN, O., MCDONALD, A. & MUELLER, M 2011
A Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator Design for a Tidal Current Turbine (SeaGen) KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M.A. 2011
On geometric design considerations and control methodologies for absorbing wavemakers MAGUIRE, A. E. & INGRAM, D. M. 2011
Validating a spectral domain model of an OWC using physical model data FOLLEY, M. & WHITTAKER, T. 2011


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