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Experimental tests of an air-cored PM tubular generator for direct drive wave energy converters MUELLER, M. A., BAKER, N., RAN, L., CHONG, N., WEI, H., TAVNER, P. & MCKEEVER, P. 2008
Enabling science and technology for marine renewable energy MUELLER, M. A. & WALLACE, R. 2008
The CO2 'trade balance' between Scotland and the rest of the UK: Performing a multi-region environmental input-output analysis with limited data MCGREGOR, P. G., SWALES, J. K. & TURNER, K. 2008
Development Of A Novel Permanent Magnet Linear Generator Topology For Direct-Drive Wave Energy Converters MCDONALD, A., MUELLER, M. A., JEFFREY, J. & OCHIJE, K. 2008
The importance of revenue sharing for the local economic impacts of a renewable energy project: A social accounting matrix approach ALLAN, G., AULT, G., MCGREGOR, P. G. & SWALES, J. K. 2008
Environmental effects of new water power technologies: what we know and what we are learning SAVIDGE, G. 2008
Optimum mean power output of a point absorber wave energy converter in irregular waves MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G.A. 2008
Improved measurement technologies for floating wave energy converter (WEC) mooring arrangements JOHANNING, L. & SMITH, G. H. 2008
Phase and amplitude control of a linear generator for wave energy conversion SHEK, J.K., MACPHERSON, D.E. & MUELLER, M.A. 2008
The development of protocols for equitable testing and evaluation in ocean energy - a three year strategy INGRAM, D. M., VILLATE, J. L., ABONNEL, C. & JOHNSTONE, C. 2008
Measurement and Modelling of Induction Generator Performance in an Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter HODGINS, N., MUELLER, M. A., TEASE, K. & HEATH, T. 2008
Spatial Variation of Wave Parameters at a Site Specific Scale SMITH, G. H., ASHTON, I. G. C. & EVANS, M. J. 2008
An Experimental Survey in the Wake of a Simulated Tidal Current Turbine SUN, X., BRYDEN, I.G., JEFFREY, H., & FOREHAND, D. 2008
The development of a Cartesian cut cell method for incompressible viscous flows GAO, F., INGRAM, D. M., CAUSON, D. M. & MINGHAM, C. G. 2007
Measurements of static and dynamic mooring line damping and their importance for floating WEC devices JOHANNING, L., SMITH, G. H. & WOLFRAM, J. 2007
Large scale mooring line experiments and comparison with a fully dynamic simulation program with importance to WEC installation JOHANNING, L., SMITH, G. H. & BULLEN, C. 2007
Reaction Force Control of a Linear Electrical Generator for Direct Drive Wave Energy Conversion SHEK, J.K., MACPHERSON, D.E., MUELLER, M.A. & XIANG, J. 2007
Laboratory-Scale Simulation of Energy Extraction from Tidal Currents SUN, X., CHICK, J. P. & BRYDEN, I.G. 2007
A Novel Permanent Magnet Generator For Direct Drive Wave Energy Applications MUELLER, M.A., MCDONALD, A.S., OCHIJE, K. & JEFFREY, J. 2007
Tidal Current Resource Assessment BRYDEN, I.G., COUCH S.J., OWEN, A. & MELVILLE, G. 2006


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