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An integrated IO and CGE approach to analysing changes in environmental trade balances TURNER, K., GILMARTIN, M., MCGREGOR, P., & SWALES, K. 2011
The effect of a marine tidal turbine on the epifaunal communities of tide-swept boulders KENNEDY, R. & SAVIDGE, G. 2011
Overview of political and economic context, and future projections for the size of the industry in the UK BELL, M. C., BULLEN, C., JOHNSON, K. & SIDE, J. 2011
Reliability of tidal stream turbine blades VAL, D.V. & CHERNIN, L 2011
Reliability-based design of rotor blades in tidal stream turbines VAL, D.V. AND CHERNIN, L. 2011
Reliability of power train components in tidal stream turbines VAL, D.V., & ILIEV, C 2011
A Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator Design for a Tidal Current Turbine (SeaGen) KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M.A. 2011
Tidal Turbine Wakes: a Comparison Between Small Scale Experimental and Computational Results ROSE, S., ORDONEZ-SANCHEZ, S., LEE, K.H., JOHNSTONE, C., JO, C.H., MCCOMBES, T., & GRANT, A. 2011
Grid-connected renewables, storage and the UK electricity market WILSON, G., MCGREGOR, P. G., INFIELDS, D., & HALL, P. 2011
Investigating Experimental Techniques for Measurement of the Downstream Near Wake of a Tidal Turbine ROSE, S., GOOD, A., ATCHESON, M., HAMILL, G., JOHNSTONE, C., MACKINNON, P., ROBINSON, D., GRANT, A & WHITTAKER, T. 2011
Offshore Reliability approach for floating renewable energy devices JOHANNING, L., THIES, P.R., PARISH, D., & SMITH, G.H. 2011
An Independent Validation of the Optimality of Latching and De-clutching Control by Evolutionary GUNN, K., TAYLOR, C. J. & LINGWOOD, C. 2011
Wave and current testing of an array of wave energy converters BRYDEN, I. & LINFOOT, B. T. 2010
Tidal current energy: Further development of protocols for equitable testing of device performance COUCH, S. J. & JEFFREY, H. F. 2010
Spectral modelling of wave energy converters FOLLEY, M. & WHITTAKER, T. 2010
Experimental Tank Testing of Contra Rotating Marine Turbines to Quantify the Parameters Influencing System Dynamic Response ORDONEZ-SANCHEZ, S., GRANT, A., JOHNSTONE, C. & ROSE, S. 2010
Contra Rotating Marine Turbines Tank Tests to Analyse System Dynamic Response ORDONEZ-SANCHEZ, S., GRANT, A. & JOHNSTONE, C. 2010
Implications of Froude Scaling in the Numerical Testing of a Generic Support Structure OKORIE, P.O., OWEN, A, & HOSSAIN, M.. 2010
On regional unemployment: An empirical examination of the determinants of geographical differentials in the UK GILMARTIN, M., & KOROBILIS, D. 2010
The response of tidal resonance to the presence of a barrage using a two dimensional numerical model FINLAY, L., INGRAM, D. M. & COUCH, S. J. 2010


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