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Publication Title Author(s) Publication Date
Negative rebound and disinvestment effects in response to an improvement in energy efficiency in the UK Economy TURNER, K. 2009
EQUIMAR: The Development of Protocols for the Equitable Evaluation of Marine Energy Systems SMITH, G. H., BITTENCOURT, C. & INGRAM, D. 2009
Measurement of the effect of power absorption in the lee of a wave energy converter ASHTON, I., JOHANNING, L. & LINFOOT, B. 2009
Numerical modelling of the response of tidal resonance to the presence of a barrage FINLAY, L., COUCH, S. J. & INGRAM, D. M. 2009
Analysis of the wave energy resource at the European Marine Energy Centre FOLLEY, M., ELSAESSER, B. & WHITTAKER, T. 2009
Hydrodynamic modelling of a vertical axis tidal current turbine using CFD GRETTON, G. I., BRUCE, T. & INGRAM, D. M. 2009
Current and future developments of the C-GEN lightweight direct drive generator for wave and tidal energy HODGINS, N., MCDONALD, A. S., SHEK, J., KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M. 2009
The development of technology evaluation protocols for the equitable evaluation of marine renewable energy converters INGRAM, D. M., SMITH, G., VILLATE, J., JONSTONE, C. & BITTENCOURT FERREIRA, C. 2009
Analysis and comparison of tidal datasets IYER, A., COUCH, S. J., HARRISON, G. & WALLACE, A. R. 2009
Hydrodynamics and absorption efficiencies of wavemakers MAGUIRE, E. & INGRAM, D. M. 2009
How do improvements in labour productivity in the Scottish economy affect the UK position on the environmental Kuznets curve? TURNER, K. & HANLEY, N. 2009
Aspects of reliability assessment of tidal stream turbines VAL, D. V. 2009
Comparison of damping properties for three different mooring arrangements VICKERS, A. W. & JOHANNING, L. 2009
Torque ripple and variable blade force: A comparison of Darrieus and Gorlov-style turbines for tidal stream energy conversion WINCHESTER, J. D. & QUAYLE, S. 2009
The Lancaster marine energy research in the context of the International Ocean Energy Symposium 2009 in China AGGIDIS, G. A. 2009
Numerical and experimental flow analysis of a wave energy converter BHINDER, M. A., RAHMATI, M. T., AGGIDIS, G. A., CHAPLIN, R. V., MINGHAM, C. G. & CAUSON, D. M 2009
Selection of a Large Model Scale Field Wave and Tidal Test Site in Strangford Lough, UK BOAKE, C. B., ATCHESON, M., WHITTAKER, T. J. T. & BRYDEN I. G. 2009
Integrated structural and electrical design of the linear permanent magnet synchronous machine CARAHER, S. L., CROZIER, R., MCDONALD, A. S., MUELLER, M. A. & CHICK, J. P. 2009
Investigation into Hydrostatic and Contact Bearings for use in Direct Drive Linear Generators in Submerged Wave Energy Converters CARAHER, S., CHICK, J. & MUELLER, M. A. 2009
Feed–forward control of a power take–off simulation for wave energy conversion CROSS, P., TAYLOR, C.J. AND AGGIDIS G.A. 2009


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