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Optimizing the shape of a surge-and-pitch wave energy collector using a genetic algorithm MCCABE, A. P., AGGIDIS, G. A. & WIDDEN, M. B. 2010
Optimum Mean Power Output of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter in Irregular Waves MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G. A. 2009
Optimum mean power output of a point absorber wave energy converter in irregular waves MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G.A. 2008
Overview of political and economic context, and future projections for the size of the industry in the UK BELL, M. C., BULLEN, C., JOHNSON, K. & SIDE, J. 2011
PIV Analysis of the Near Wake of a Tidal Turbine GOOD, A., HAMILL, G., WHITTAKER, T. & ROBINSON, D. 2011
Parametric models for WEC performances PASCAL, R., PAYNE, G.S., & BRYDEN, I, G. 2011
Performance of concrete under XS1, XS2 and XS3 environments MCCARTER, W. J., LINFOOT, B. T. L., CHRISP T.M.C. & STARRS, G. 2008
Phase and amplitude control of a linear generator for wave energy conversion SHEK, J.K., MACPHERSON, D.E. & MUELLER, M.A. 2008
Phasing of Tidal current energy around the UK and potential contribution to electricity generation IYER, A. S., COUCH, S. J., HARRISON, G. P. & WALLACE, A. R. 2011
Physical model investigation of mooring loads in arrays of wave energy converters KRIVSTOV, V. & LINFOOT, B. T. 2010
Power Conversion for Wave Energy Applications SHEK, J. K. H., MACPHERSON, D. E. & MUELLER, M. A. 2010
Probabilistic evaluation of failure rates of mechanical components in tidal stream turbines VAL, D.V. & CHERNIN, L. 2011
Protocols for the Equitable Assessment of Marine Energy Converters INGRAM, D. M., SMITH, G. H., FERRIERA, C. B. & SMITH, H. 2011
Quantification of voltage fluctuations caused by a wave farm connected to weak, rural electricity networks NAMBIAR, A. J., KIPRAKIS, A. E. & WALLACE, A. R. 2010
Reaction Force Control of a Linear Electrical Generator for Direct Drive Wave Energy Conversion SHEK, J.K., MACPHERSON, D.E., MUELLER, M.A. & XIANG, J. 2007
Real-time, wide area wave field measurement SELLAR, B. G., BRUCE, T. & BRYDEN, I. 2010
Rebound and disinvestment effects in oil consumption and supply resulting from an increase in energy efficiency in the Scottish commercial transport sector TURNER, K. & ANSON, S. 2009
Reducing bearing wear in induction generators for wave and tidal current energy devices SHEK, J.K.H., DORRELL, D.G., HSIEH, M., MACPHERSON, D.E. & MUELLER, M.A 2011
Reliability evaluation of power train of tidal current turbines ILIEV, C. & VAL, D. 2010
Reliability methodology for evaluating tidal stream devices DELORM, T. & TAVNER, P.J 2011


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