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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phase Author(s) Publication Date
Hilbert-Huang transform analysis of storm waves Phase 2 ORTEGA, J. & SMITH, G. H. 2009
Electrical issues associated with sea-water immersed windings in electrical generators for wave- and tidal current-driven power generation Phase 2 FLETCHER, J., JUDENDORFER, T., MUELLER, M., HASSANAIN, N. & MUHR, M. 2009
The impact of tidal stream turbines on large-scale sediment dynamics Phase 2 NEILL, S. P., LITT, E. J., COUCH, S. J. & DAVIES, A. G. 2009
Integrated design of direct drive generators for wave energy converters Phase 2 MCDONALD, A. S., CROZIER, R., CARAHER, S. L., CHICK, J. P. & MUELLER, M. 2009
A pilot study into the optimization of the shape of a wave energy collector by genetic algorithm Phase 2 MCCABE, A. P., AGGIDIS, G. A. & WIDDEN, M. B. 2009
A preliminary study into optimising the shape of a wave energy collector using a genetic algorithm Phase 2 MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G.A. 2009
The optimization of the form of a wave energy collector using genetic algorithms Phase 2 MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G. A. 2009
Optimum Mean Power Output of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter in Irregular Waves Phase 2 MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G. A. 2009
Modelling arrays of wave energy converters connected to weak rural electricity networks Phase 2 KIPRAKIS, A. E., NAMBIAR, A. J., FOREHAND, D.I.M & WALLACE, A. R. 2009
Analysis and comparison of tidal datasets for resource assessment and network modelling Phase 2 IYER, A., HARRISON, G., WALLACE, A. R. & COUCH, S. J. 2009
Rebound and disinvestment effects in oil consumption and supply resulting from an increase in energy efficiency in the Scottish commercial transport sector Phase 2 TURNER, K. & ANSON, S. 2009
An experimental survey in the wake of a simulated tidal current turbine Phase 2 SUN, X., BRYDEN, I. G., JEFFREY, H. F. & FOREHAND D. I. M. 2009
Linear Control of a Nonlinear Power Take-Off Simulation for Wave Energy Conversion in Irregular Seas Phase 2 STABLES, M. A., AGGIDIS, G., TAYLOR, C. J., CROSS, P. & GUNN, K 2009
Empirical assay of the use of the Hilbert-Huang transform for the spectral analysis of storm waves Phase 2 ORTEGA, J. & SMITH, G. H. 2008
Station keeping study for WEC devices including compliant chain, compliant hybrid and taut arrangements Phase 2 JOHANNING, L. & SMITH, G. H. 2008
Assessment of boundary-element method for modelling a free-floating sloped wave energy device. Part 1: Numerical modelling Phase 2 PAYNE, G. S., TAYLOR, J. R. M., BRUCE, T. & PARKIN P. 2008
Enabling science and technology for marine renewable energy Phase 2 MUELLER, M. A. & WALLACE, R. 2008
An Experimental Survey in the Wake of a Simulated Tidal Current Turbine Phase 2 SUN, X., BRYDEN, I.G., JEFFREY, H., & FOREHAND, D. 2008
Free-surface flows under impacting droplets Phase 2 WATANABE, Y., SARUWATARI, A. & INGRAM, D. M. 2008
Experimental tests of an air-cored PM tubular generator for direct drive wave energy converters Phase 2 MUELLER, M. A., BAKER, N., RAN, L., CHONG, N., WEI, H., TAVNER, P. & MCKEEVER, P. 2008


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