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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phase Author(s) Publication Date
Drag minimisation for high capture width with three float wave energy converter M4. Phase 3 Stansby, P., Gu, H., Carpintero Moreno, E. & Stallard, T. 2015
Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Cable Layout Optimization Phase 3 Pillai, A.C., Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. & De Laleu, V. 2015
Investigating pipeline and state of the art blood glucose biosensors to formulate next steps. Phase 3 Aggidis, A.G.A., Newman, J.D. & Aggidis, G.A. 2015
Forced heaving motion of a floating air-filled bag Phase 3 Chaplin, J., Farley, F., Kurniawan, A., Greaves, D. & Hann, M. 2015
A novel mooring tether for highly dynamic offshore applications; mitigating peak and fatigue loads via selectable axial stiffness Phase 3 Gordelier, T., Parish, D., Thies, P.R. & Johanning, L. 2015
Development of hydro impulse turbines and new opportunities Phase 3 Židonis, A., Benzon, D.S. & Aggidis, G.A. 2015
The generation of 3D flows in a combined current and wave tank Phase 3 Robinson, A., Ingram, D., Bryden, I. & Bruce, T. 2015
Tidal Energy ‘Round Robin’ Test Comparisons between Towing Tanks and Circulating Tanks. Phase 3 Gaurier,B., Germain, G., Facq, J.V., Johnstone, C.M., Grant, A.D., Day, A.H., Nixon, E., DiFelice, F. & Costanzo, M. 2015
Mechanics and Materials in Design of Biomimetic Diaphragm for Wave Energy Converter Phase 3 Le, H., Collins, K.M., Greaves, D. & Bellamy, N. 2015
Numerical and experimental investigation of wave energy devices with inflated bags Phase 3 Chaplin, J.R., Farley, F.J.M., Greaves, D.M., Hann, M., Kurniawan, A. & Cox, M. 2015
A look to the future: maximizing the sustainable tidal stream energy potential of the Pentland Firth Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R., Price, D. & Gallego, A. 2015
Wave Energy, Energy Science & Technology Phase 3 Yavuz, H., Mistikoglu, S., Thorpe, T., Aggidis, G.A. & Stallard, T. 2015
Wave tank experiments on the power capture of a multi-axis wave energy converter Phase 3 Zhang, D., Aggidis, G.A., Wang, Y., Gu, X., Li, W. & Chen, Y. 2015
Investigation of the performance of a staggered configuration of tidal turbines using CFD Phase 3 Gebreslassie, M.G, Tabor, G.R. & Belmont, M.R. 2015
State of the art in numerical modelling of Pelton turbines Phase 3 Židonis, A., & Aggidis, G.A. 2015
Implementation of tidal turbines in hydrodynamic models of Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Phase 3 Waldman, S., Nemalidinne, R. & Baston, S. 2015
Sea-state modification and heaving float interaction factors from physical modelling of arrays of wave energy converters Phase 3 Stratigaki, V., Troch, P., Stallard, T., Forehand, D., Folley, M., Kofoed, J-P., Benoit, M., Babarit, A., Vantorre, M., & Kirkegaard, J. 2015
Simplified Wake Models for Small Tidal Farms: Reduced Scale Evaluation and Array Loading Study Phase 3 Sudall, D., Olczak, A., Stallard, T. & Stansby, P.K. 2015
Effects of hydrodynamic interactions and control within a point absorber array on electrical output Phase 3 Nambiar, A.J., Forehand, D.I.M., Kramer, M.M., Hansen, R.H. & Ingram, D.M. 2015
Wave Energy: Available Technologies and R&D Status Phase 3 Yavuz, H., Mistikoglu, S., Thorpe, T., Aggidis, G. & Stallard, T. 2015


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