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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phase Author(s) Publication Date
Adaptive harr wavelets for the angular discretisation of spectral wave models. Phase 3 Alexandros, A., Buchan, A.G., Piggott, M.D., Pain, C.C., Hill, J. & Goffin, M.A. 2015
Field testing a full-scale tidal turbine Part 3: Acoustic Characteristics. Phase 3 Schmitt, P., Elsäßer, B., Coffin, M., Hood, J. & Starzmann, R. 2015
Ocean Energy Research and State of the Art. Phase 3 Aggidis, G.A. 2015
Modelling the response of subtidal sandbank dynamics to tidal energy extraction. Phase 3 Chatzirodou, A. & Karunarathna, H. 2015
Tidal stream resource assessment through optimisation of array design with quantification of uncertainty. Phase 3 Culley, D.M., Funke, S.W., Kramer, S.C. & Piggott, M.D. 2015
Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Cable Layout Optimization Phase 3 Pillai, A.C., Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. & De Laleu, V. 2015
Towards an understanding of significant alterations in the hydrographic regime. Phase 3 Davies, I. et al 2015
Distribution of natural disturbance due to wave and tidal bed currents around the UK. Phase 3 Bricheno, L., Wolf, J. & Aldridge, J. 2015
CFD Simulations of a Full-Scale Tidal Turbine: Comparison of LES and RANS with Field Data. Phase 3 Ahmed, U., Afgan, I., Apsley, D., Stallard, T. & Stansby,. P.K. 2015
Energy Yield for Collocated Offshore Wind and Tidal Stream Farms Phase 3 Sudall, D., Stallard, T. & Stansby, P.K. 2015
Development of hydro impulse turbines and new opportunities Phase 3 Židonis, A., Benzon, D.S. & Aggidis, G.A. 2015
On errors in low frequency wave measurements from wave buoys Phase 3 Ashton, I.G.C. & Johanning, L. 2015
Numerical simulation of extreme wave impact on a rigid truncated vertical wall using OpenFOAM Phase 3 Hu, Z.Z., Greaves, D. & Raby, A. 2015
Lagrangian Numerical Wave-Current Flume Phase 3 Buldakov, E., Stagonas, D. & Simons, R. 2015
Water: Ocean Energy and Hydro Phase 3 Finlay, L., Jeffrey, H., MacGillivray, A. & Aggidis, G.A. 2015
Wave farm impact on the modal state of a beach Phase 3 Abanades, J., Greaves, D. & Iglesias, G. 2015
Effects of marine energy extraction on non-cohesive sediment transport and morphological change in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters. Phase 3 Fairley, I., Chatzirodou, A. & Karunarathna, H. 2015
Wave Sensor Observations during a severe Storm event at a Marine Energy Development Site. Phase 3 Vögler, A., Venugopal, V. & Armstrong, D. 2015
Shoreline and bathymetry approximation in mesh generation for tidal renewable simulations. Phase 3 Avdis, A., Jacobs, C.T., Hill, J., Piggott, M.D. & Gorman, G.J. 2015
Drag minimisation for high capture width with three float wave energy converter M4. Phase 3 Stansby, P., Gu, H., Carpintero Moreno, E. & Stallard, T. 2015


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