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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phase Author(s) Publication Date
A Comparison of Numerical Modelling Techniques for Tidal Stream Turbine Analysis Phase 3 Masters, I., Williams, A., Croft, T.N., Togneri, M., Edmunds, M., Zangiabadi, E., Fairley, I. & Karunarathna, H. 2015
Data acquisition and processing for TeraWatt Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R. 2015
Network design tool for the optimal design of offshore ocean energy array networks. Phase 3 Collin, A.J., Nambiar, A.J., Kiprakis, A.E., Rea, J. & Whitby, B. 2015
Ocean Energy Research and State of the Art. Phase 3 Aggidis, G.A. 2015
Wave Sensor Observations during a severe Storm event at a Marine Energy Development Site. Phase 3 Vögler, A., Venugopal, V. & Armstrong, D. 2015
Wave energy resource assessment and device selection. Phase 3 Oikonomou, C. & Aggidis, G. 2015
Modelling the impacts of marine energy extraction on non-cohesive sediment transport and morphodynamics Phase 3 Fairley, I. & Karunarathna, H. 2015
Impact of Temporal Variation of Wind Input on Wave Parameters Prediction Using Numerical Wave Model Phase 3 Venugopal, V., Nemalidinne, R. & Vögler, A. 2015
Modelling energy extraction in tidal flows. Phase 3 Baston, S., Waldman, S. & Side, J. 2015
Investigation of the performance of a staggered configuration of tidal turbines using CFD Phase 3 Gebreslassie, M.G, Tabor, G.R. & Belmont, M.R. 2015
Processes leading to the formation of Hybrid event beds: a field study Phase 3 Oikonomou, C., Jamomoh, A.J. & Aggidis, G.A. 2015
Extreme wave loads on a vertical slender cylinder with and without current Phase 3 Stagonas, D., Buldakov, E. & Simons, R. 2015
Wave Energy, Energy Science & Technology Phase 3 Yavuz, H., Mistikoglu, S., Thorpe, T., Aggidis, G.A. & Stallard, T. 2015
Optimising network design options for marine energy converter farms Phase 3 Nambiar, A.J., Collin, A.J., Karatzounis, S., Kiprakis, A.E., Rea, J. & Whitby, B. 2015
Tidal stream and wave energy array scenarios for the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Strategic Area Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R. 2015
Wave-Current Interaction in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters: Wave Field Effects Phase 3 MacIver, R., Christie, C. & Gleizon, P. 2015
Parametric optimisation of two Pelton turbine runner designs using CFD Phase 3 Židonis, A., Panagiotopoulos, A., Aggidis, G. A., Anagnostopoulos, J. S., & Papantonis, D. E. 2015
Inter-Comparison of 3D Tidal Flow Models Applied To Orkney Islands and Pentland Firth for Resource Assessment. Phase 3 Rahman, A.A. & Venugopal, V. 2015
The generation of 3D flows in a combined current and wave tank Phase 3 Robinson, A., Ingram, D., Bryden, I. & Bruce, T. 2015
Experimental analysis of cylindrical wave fields Phase 3 McNatt, J.C., Venugopal, V., Forehand, D.I.M. & Payne, G.S. 2015


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