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CFD Prediction of Turbulent Flow on a Laboratory Scale Tidal Stream Turbine using RANS modelling Phase 3 McNaughton, J. Rolfo, S., Apsley, D., Afgan, I. Stansby, P. & Stallard, P. 2012
CFD Simulations of a Full-Scale Tidal Turbine: Comparison of LES and RANS with Field Data. Phase 3 Ahmed, U., Afgan, I., Apsley, D., Stallard, T. & Stansby,. P.K. 2015
CFD modelling of a tidal stream turbine subjected to profiled flow and surface gravity waves Phase 3 Tatum, S.C., Allmark, M., Frost, C.H., O’Doherty, D.M., Mason-Jones, A. & O’Doherty,T. 2015
CFD simulations for investigating the wake states of a new class of tidal turbine Phase 3 Gebreslassie, M.G., Tabor, G.R. & Belmont, M.R. 2012
Calculation of the performance of resonant wave energy converters in real seas Phase 1 Yavuz, H., McCabe, A.P. Aggidis, G.A. and Widden, W.B. 2006
Calibration, validation and analysis of an empirical algorithm for the retrieval of wave spectra from HF radar sea-echo Phase 3 Lopez, G., Conley, D., & Greaves, D. 2015
Capabilities and limitations of ADCPs for turbulence measurements Phase 3 Young, A. 2014
Capacity Value of Large Tidal Barrages Phase 2 RADTKE, J., DENT, C. J. & COUCH, S. J. 2010
Capacity Value of Large Tidal Barrages Phase 2 RADTKE, J., DENT, C. J. & COUCH, S. J. 2010
Capture width of the three-float multi-mode multiresonance broad-band wave energy line absorber M4 from laboratory studies with irregular waves of different spectral shape and directional spread. Phase 3 Stansby, P., Carpintero Moreno, E. & Stallard, T. 2015
Cavitation Inception and Simulation in BEMT for Modelling Tidal Stream Turbines Phase 3 Buckland, H.C., Masters, I., Orme, J.A.C. & Baker, T. 2013
Centralised and Distributed Voltage Control: Impact on Distributed Generation Penetration Phase 1 Vovos, P., Kiprakis, A.P., Wallace, A.R., and Harrison, G.P 2007
Centralized and Distributed Voltage Control: Impact on Distributed Generation Penetration Phase 1 Vovos P.N., Kiprakis A.E., Harrison G.P., and Wallace A.R. 2007
Characterisation of a highly energetic tidal energy site with specific reference to hydrodynamics and bathymetry Phase 3 Evans, P., Armstrong, S., Wilson, C., Fairley, I., Wooldridge, C. & Masters, I. 2013
Characterisation of the Coastal Hydrology of Oceans Using 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Phase 3 Zangiabadi. E., Masters, I., Williams, A.J. & Croft, T.N. 2012
Characterising the spatial and temporal variability of the tidal-stream energy resource over the northwest European shelf seas Phase 3 Robins, P.E., Neill, S.P., Lewis, M.J. & Ward, S.L. 2015
Choosing and Evaluating Sites for Tidal Current Development Phase 1 Bryden I. G. and Melville G. 2004
Coastal defence using wave farms: The role of farm-to-coast distance Phase 3 Abanades, J., Greaves, D. & Iglesias, G. 2015
Comparative study of flexural versus tensile behaviour of composite materials using finite element analysis (ANSYS code). Phase 3 Gonabadi, H.I., Moharrami, N., Oila, A. & Bull, S.J. 2015
Comparison between CFD simulations and experiments for predicting the far wake of horizontal axis tidal turbines Phase 2 HARRISON, M. E., BATTEN, W. M. J., MYERS, L. E. & BAHAJ, A. S. 2010


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