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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phase Author(s) Publication Date
Offshore Wind Farm Electrical Cable Layout Optimization Phase 3 Pillai, A.C., Chick, J., Johanning, L., Khorasanchi, M. & De Laleu, V. 2015
Drag minimisation for high capture width with three float wave energy converter M4. Phase 3 Stansby, P., Gu, H., Carpintero Moreno, E. & Stallard, T. 2015
Investigating Extreme Loads on an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Phase 3 Lamont-Kane, P., McKinley, A., Henry, A., Nicholson, J., Folley, M., & Elsaesser, B. 2015
Wave Sensor Observations during a severe Storm event at a Marine Energy Development Site. Phase 3 Vögler, A., Venugopal, V. & Armstrong, D. 2015
Experimental analysis of cylindrical wave fields Phase 3 McNatt, J.C., Venugopal, V., Forehand, D.I.M. & Payne, G.S. 2015
Lagrangian Numerical Wave-Current Flume Phase 3 Buldakov, E., Stagonas, D. & Simons, R. 2015
Effects of hydrodynamic interactions and control within a point absorber array on electrical output Phase 3 Nambiar, A.J., Forehand, D.I.M., Kramer, M.M., Hansen, R.H. & Ingram, D.M. 2015
Tidal stream resource assessment through optimisation of array design with quantification of uncertainty. Phase 3 Culley, D.M., Funke, S.W., Kramer, S.C. & Piggott, M.D. 2015
Parametric optimisation of two Pelton turbine runner designs using CFD Phase 3 Židonis, A., Panagiotopoulos, A., Aggidis, G. A., Anagnostopoulos, J. S., & Papantonis, D. E. 2015
Inter-annual variability of two contrasting offshore sand banks in a region of extreme tidal range Phase 3 Lewis, M.J., Neill, S.P. & Elliott, A.J. 2015
Representing wave energy extraction in regional scale numerical models. Phase 3 MacIver, R., Reddy, N. & Venugopal, V. 2015
A fully coupled wave-to-wire model of an array of wave energy converters Phase 3 Forehand, D.I.M., Kiprakis, A.E., Nambiar, A.J. & Wallace, A.R. 2015
Experimental Investigation of Thrust and Power on a Partial Fence Array of Tidal Turbines. Phase 3 Cooke, S.C., Willden, R.H.J, Byrne, B.W., Stallard, T. & Olczak, A. 2015
Shoreline and bathymetry approximation in mesh generation for tidal renewable simulations. Phase 3 Avdis, A., Jacobs, C.T., Hill, J., Piggott, M.D. & Gorman, G.J. 2015
Contrasting the hydrodynamics of heaving and surging wave energy converters Phase 3 Folley, M., Henry, A. & Whittaker, T. 2015
The Influence of Solidity on the Performance Characteristics of a Tidal Stream Turbine Phase 3 Morris, C.E., Mason-Jones, A., O’Doherty, D.M. & O’Doherty, T. 2015
Numerical and experimental investigation of wave energy devices with inflated bags Phase 3 Chaplin, J.R., Farley, F.J.M., Greaves, D.M., Hann, M., Kurniawan, A. & Cox, M. 2015
The effect of wave-current interaction on the near-wake of horizontal axis tidal stream turbines Phase 3 Henriques, T.A.J, Hedges, T.S., Owen, I. & Poole, R.J. 2015
Tidal stream and wave energy array scenarios for the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Strategic Area Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R. 2015
Wave Energy: Available Technologies and R&D Status Phase 3 Yavuz, H., Mistikoglu, S., Thorpe, T., Aggidis, G. & Stallard, T. 2015


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