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Constraints on extractable power from energetic tidal straits Phase 3 Evans, P., Mason-Jones, A., Wooldridge, C., Wilson, C., O’Doherty, D.M. & O’Doherty, T. 2015
Continuous-time feed-forward proportional-integral-plus control Phase 2 CROSS, P., TAYLOR, C. J. & AGGIDIS, G. A. 2010
Contra Rotating Marine Turbines Tank Tests to Analyse System Dynamic Response Phase 2 ORDONEZ-SANCHEZ, S., GRANT, A. & JOHNSTONE, C. 2010
Contrasting the hydrodynamics of heaving and surging wave energy converters Phase 3 Folley, M., Henry, A. & Whittaker, T. 2015
Coupled RANS-VOF Modelling of Floating Tidal Stream Concepts Phase 3 Ransley, E., Brown, S., Greaves, D., Hindley, S., Weston, P., Guerrini, E. & Starzmann, R. 2016
Current and future developments of the C-GEN lightweight direct drive generator for wave and tidal energy Phase 2 HODGINS, N., MCDONALD, A. S., SHEK, J., KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M. 2009
Current patterns in the Inner Sound (Pentland Firth) from underway ADCP data Phase 3 Goddijn-Murphy, L.M.,Woolf, D.K. & Easton, M.C. 2013
Data acquisition and processing for TeraWatt Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R. 2015
Data acquisition and the development of realistic tidal and wave energy scenarios for numerical modelling of Orkney Islands waters, Scotland Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R. 2015
Dataset Phase 3 Olczak, A. Stallard, T., Feng, T. & Stansby, P.K 2016
Decadal wave power variability in the North-East Atlantic and North Sea Phase 3 Santo, H., Taylor, P.H., Woollings, T. & Poulson, S. 2015
Design Tool for Passively Adaptive Turbine Blade. Phase 3 Murray, R.E., Doman, D.A., Pegg, M.J., Navalainen, T.M., Gracie, K. & Johnstone, C.M. 2015
Design and Testing of a Linear Generator for Wave Energy Applications Phase 2 HODGINS, N., KEYSAN, O., MCDONALD, A. & MUELLER, M 2011
Design of a Passively Adaptive Rotor Blade for Optimized Performance of a Horizontal-Axis Tidal Turbine Phase 3 Murray, R.E., Doman, D.A., Pegg, M.J., Gracie, K., & Johnstone, C.M. 2013
Designing the C-GEN Lightweight Direct Drive Generator for Wave and Tidal Energy Phase 2 HODGINS, N., KEYSAN, O., MCDONALD, A.S. & MUELLER, M.A 2011
Detection of machine soft foot by vibration analysis Phase 3 Elasha, F., Ruiz-Cárcel, C. & Mba, D. 2014
Developing Methodologies for Quantifying the Impact of Tidal Current Energy Variability Phase 2 IYER, A. S., COUCH, S. J., WALLACE, A. R. & HARRISON, G. P. 2010
Development Of A Novel Permanent Magnet Linear Generator Topology For Direct-Drive Wave Energy Converters Phase 2 MCDONALD, A., MUELLER, M. A., JEFFREY, J. & OCHIJE, K. 2008
Development Of A Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter For Investigation Of Array Wake Effects In Large Scale Experiments Phase 3 Stratigaki, V., Troch, P., Stallard, T., Forehand, D., Folley, M., Vantorre, M., Kofoed, J.P., Babarit, A. & Benoit, M. 2012
Development and preliminary assessment of an optical wave gauge Phase 2 PAYNE, G. S., RICHON, J., INGRAM, D. M. & SPINNEKEN, J. 2009


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