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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phase Author(s) Publication Date
Validating a spectral-domain model of an OWC using physical model data Phase 3 Folley, M. & Whittaker, T. 2014
Baselines and monitoring methods for detecting impacts of hydrodynamic energy extraction on intertidal communities of rocky shores Phase 3 Want, A., Beharie, R.A., Bell, M.C. & Side, J.C. 2014
Baselines and Monitoring Methods for Detecting Impacts of Hydrodynamic Energy Extraction on Intertidal Communities of Rocky Shores. Phase 3 Want, A., Bell, M.C. & Side, J. 2014
Understanding the potential for marine megafauna entanglement risk from renewable marine energy developments Phase 3 Benjamins, S., Harnois, V., Smith, H.C.M., Johanning, L., Greenhill, L., Carter, C. & Wilson, B. 2014
Marine Energy Resource Assessment for Orkney and Pentland Waters with a coupled Wave and Tidal Flow Model Phase 3 Venugopal, V. & Nemalidinne, R. 2014
Experimental testing for spatially averaged numerical modelling of large marine current energy converter arrays Phase 3 Coles, D.S., Blunden, L.S. & Bahaj, A.S. 2014
Waves, wave direction and the tidal stream energy resource Phase 3 Lewis, M.J., Neill, S.P. & Hashemi, M.R. 2014
Establishment of condition based maintenance for Tidal Turbines Phase 3 Elasha, F., Mba, D. & Teixeira, J.A. 2014
Model Predictive Control of a Sea Wave Energy Converter: A Convex Approach Phase 3 Li, G. & Belmont, M.R. 2014
Recent advances in characterizing the wave and tidal energy resource of Orkney Phase 3 Neill, S.P., Hashemi, M.R., Lewis, M.J. & Lawrence, J. 2014
An overview of the WECwakes project: physical modeling of an array of 25 wave energy converters. Phase 3 Troch, P., Stratigaki, V., Stallard, T., Forehand, D., Folley, M., Kofoed, J.P., Benoit, M., Babarit, A., Vantorre, M. & Kirkegaard, J. 2014
State-of-the-art assessment and specification of data requirements for electrical system architectures Phase 3 Nambiar, A.J., et al. 2014
Failure prediction of tidal turbine gearboxes Phase 3 Elasha, F., Teixeira, J.A. & Mba, D. 2014
Active Magnetic Bearings Using Air-Cored Coils Halbach Array in a Linear Wave Energy Converter Phase 3 Barajas-Solano, I.J. & Mueller, M.A. 2014
A frequency independent method for the simulation of Disturbances around a small scale wave farm using a Boussinesq simulation. Phase 3 Greenwood, C.E. & Christie, D. 2014
Morpodynamics in the lee of wave energy converter arrays Phase 3 Fairley, I. & Karunarathna, H. 2014
Shell biometrics in archaeological and present day limpet samples from around Orkney Phase 3 Branscombe, T.L., Bell, M.C., Mainland, I. & Want, A. 2014
The impact of tidal stream energy extraction on sub-tidal sandbanks in the Pentland Firth, Scotland Phase 3 Fairley, I. & Karunarathna, H. 2014
In-depth HPC-LES investigation for the flow around a circular cylinder using TELEMAC3D Phase 3 Yin, Y., Li, M., Moulinec, C. & Emerson, D. 2014
Identifying promising wave energy converter technologies Phase 3 Folley, M. & Whittaker, T. 2014


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