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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phasesort ascending Author(s) Publication Date
Verification within wave resource assessments. Part 1: Statistical analysis Phase 3 Edwards, E.C., Cradden, L.C., Ingram, D.M. & Kalogeri, C. 2014
3D-CFD numerical modelling of large scale impacts of tidal turbine arrays using an oceanographic model. Phase 3 Li, X., Li, M., Chen, X. & Thorne, P.D. 2014
Shaping array design of marine current energy converters through scaled experimental analysis Phase 3 Bahaj, A.S. & Myers, L.E. 2013
Influence of turbulence on the wake of a marine current turbine simulator Phase 3 Blackmore, T., Batten, W.M.J. & Bahaj, A.S. 2014
Recent developments in wave-current interaction and sediment impact studies at a planned tidal-stream array at the Skerries, UK Phase 3 Hashemi, M.R., Neill, S.P., Robins, P.E., Lewis, M.J. & Ward, S.L. 2014
Turbulence and its effect on the thrust and wake of a porous disc rotor simulator Phase 3 Blackmore, T. & Bahaj, A.S. 2014
Tidal turbine array optimisation using the adjoint approach. Phase 3 Funke, S.W., Farrell, P.E. & Piggot, M.D. 2014
Evaluation of RANS BEM and self-similar wake superposition for tidal stream turbine arrays Phase 3 Olczak, A., Sudall, D., Stallard, T. & Stansby, P.K. 2015
The influence of tidal stream turbine spacing on performance Phase 3 Malki, R., Masters, I., Williams, A.J. & Croft, T.N. 2011
Modelling the impact of tidal farms on flood risk in the Solway Firth estuary Phase 3 Garcia-Oliva, M., Tabor, G. & Djordjevic, S. 2014
Physical Modelling of an Array of 25 Heaving Wave Energy Converters to Quantify Variation of Response and Wave Conditions Phase 3 Troch, P., Stratigaki, V., Stallard, T., Forehand, D., Folley, M., Kofoed, J.P., Benoit, M., Babarit, A., Gallach Sánchez. D., De Bosscher, L., Rauwoens, P., Elsässer, B., Lamont-Kane, P., McCallum, P., McNatt, C., Angelelli, E., Percher, A., Carpentero Moreno, E., Bellew, S., Dombre, E., Charrayre, F., Vantorre, M., Kirkegaard, J., Carstensen, S. 2013
Investigating interaction effects in an array of multi-mode wave energy converters, Phase 3 Ransley, E. & Greaves, D. 2012
On the performance of an array of floating wave energy converters for different water depths Phase 3 McCallum, P., Venugopal, V., Forehand, D. & Sykes, R. 2014
The potential future wave resource utilisation around Wales Phase 3 Fairley, I., Willis, M.R., & Masters, I. 2011
Comparison of a RANS blade element model for tidal turbine arrays with laboratory scale measurements of wake velocity and rotor thrust Phase 3 Olczak, A., Stallard, T., Feng, T. & Stansby, P.K 2016
Effects of hydrodynamic interactions and control within a point absorber array on electrical output Phase 3 Nambiar, A.J., Forehand, D.I.M., Kramer, M.M., Hansen, R.H. & Ingram, D.M. 2015
Experimental Investigation of Thrust and Power on a Partial Fence Array of Tidal Turbines. Phase 3 Cooke, S.C., Willden, R.H.J, Byrne, B.W., Stallard, T. & Olczak, A. 2015
Standardising resource assessment for wave energy converters Phase 3 Folley, M., Cornett, A., Holmes, B., Lenee-Bluhm, P. & Liria, P. 2012
An overview of the WECwakes project: physical modeling of an array of 25 wave energy converters. Phase 3 Troch, P., Stratigaki, V., Stallard, T., Forehand, D., Folley, M., Kofoed, J.P., Benoit, M., Babarit, A., Vantorre, M. & Kirkegaard, J. 2014
An Experimental Investigation of Blockage in a Short Fence Array of Tidal Turbines. Phase 3 Cooke, S.C., Willden, R.H.J., Byrne, B.W., Stallard, T. & Feng, T. 2014


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