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Supergen UKCMER Publications by Phase, Date, Author and Title
Publication Title SuperGen Phasesort ascending Author(s) Publication Date
Waves, wave direction and the tidal stream energy resource Phase 3 Lewis, M.J., Neill, S.P. & Hashemi, M.R. 2014
Monitoring high-energy littoral environments: photographic and image analysis methodologies for quantifying species and biotope coverage Phase 3 Want, A., Side, J. & Bell, M.C. 2012
Baselines and monitoring methods for detecting impacts of hydrodynamic energy extraction on intertidal communities of rocky shores Phase 3 Want, A., Beharie, R.A., Bell, M.C. & Side, J.C. 2014
Baselines and Monitoring Methods for Detecting Impacts of Hydrodynamic Energy Extraction on Intertidal Communities of Rocky Shores. Phase 3 Want, A., Bell, M.C. & Side, J. 2014
On modelling cross-shore beach morphology Phase 3 Karunarathna, H., Horrillo-Caraballo, J., Spivack, M. & Reeve, D.E. 2011
Impact of WEC array operation on nearshore processes Phase 3 Neill, S.P. & Iglesias, G. 2012
Representing wave energy extraction in regional scale numerical models. Phase 3 MacIver, R., Reddy, N. & Venugopal, V. 2015
Analysis of key parameters in a diffusion type beach profile evolution model Phase 3 Karunarathna, H., Horrillo-Caraballo, J.M., Spivack, M. & Reeve, D.E. 2011
The importance of waves within assessing the impact of tidal energy schemes Phase 3 Lewis, M.J. & Neill, S.P. 2013
The impact of tidal energy extraction on the morphodynamics of the Irish Sea Phase 3 Robins, P.E. & Neill, S.P. 2012
An investigation of the impacts of climate change on wave energy generation: The Wave Hub, Cornwall, UK Phase 3 Reeve, D.E., Chen, Y., Pan, S., Magar, V., Simmonds, D.J. & Zacharioudaki, A. 2011
Investigation of deep sea shelf sandbank dynamics driven by highly energetic tidal flows Phase 3 Chatzirodou, A., Karunarathna, H. & Reeve, D.E. 2016
An analysis of the cross-shore beach evolution of a sandy and a composite gravel beach Phase 3 Karunarathna, H., Horrillo-Caraballo, J.M., Ranasinghe, R., Short, A.D. & Reeve, D.E. 2012
Impacts of tidal energy extraction on sea bed morphology Phase 3 Chatzirodou, A. & Karunarathna, H. 2014
Impacts of climate change on built structures (offshore). Phase 3 Side, J., Harris, R., Woolf, D., Bell, M. & Brooks, A. 2013
A look to the future: maximizing the sustainable tidal stream energy potential of the Pentland Firth Phase 3 O’Hara Murray, R., Price, D. & Gallego, A. 2015
Tidal resource extraction in the Inner Sound of Stroma, UK: potential impacts on flow regime and sediment transport Phase 3 Martin-Short, R., Kramer, S.C., Hill, J., Avdis, A. & Piggott, M.D. 2015
Field testing a full-scale tidal turbine Part 3: Acoustic Characteristics. Phase 3 Schmitt, P., Elsäßer, B., Coffin, M., Hood, J. & Starzmann, R. 2015
Modelling the propagation of underwater acoustic emissions for condition monitoring of marine renewable energy. Phase 3 Walsh, J., Thies, P. R., Bashir, I., Johanning, L., & Blondel, P 2016
The importance of inter-annual variability in assessing the environmental impact of tidal energy schemes Phase 3 Lewis, M.J. & Neill, S.P. 2013


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