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3D ROMS modelling of the Pentland Firth – a world-leading tidal energy resource Phase 3 Goward Brown, A.J. & Neill, S.P. 2014
3D modelling morphological impact of offshore wind farms using LES model on HPC Phase 3 Yin, Y., Li, M., Moulinec, C. & Emerson, D. 2014
3D-CFD numerical modelling of impacts from horizontal axis tidal turbines in the near region Phase 3 Sufian, S. & Li, M. 2014
3D-CFD numerical modelling of large scale impacts of tidal turbine arrays using an oceanographic model. Phase 3 Li, X., Li, M., Chen, X. & Thorne, P.D. 2014
A 3D model of asymmetry in the Orkney tidal energy resource Phase 3 Neill, S.P., Hashemi, M.R. & Lewis, M.J. 2014
A BEMT model for a high solidity, hubless and ducted tidal stream turbine. Phase 3 Allsop, S., Peyrard, C., & Thies, P. R. 2016
A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Adaptive Filter Algorithms, Spectral Kurtosis and Linear Prediction in Detection of a Naturally Degraded Bearing in a Gearbox Phase 3 Elasha, F., Ruiz-Carcel, C., Mba, D. & Chandra, P. 2014
A Comparison of Numerical Modelling Techniques for Tidal Stream Turbine Analysis Phase 3 Masters, I., Williams, A., Croft, T.N., Togneri, M., Edmunds, M., Zangiabadi, E., Fairley, I. & Karunarathna, H. 2015
A Compressible Multiphase Flow Model for Violent Aerated Wave Impact Problems Phase 3 Ma, Z.H., Causon, D.M., Qian, L., Mingham, C.G., Gu, H. & Martinez Ferrer, P. 2014
A Coupled Blade Element Momentum - Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Evaluating Tidal Stream Turbine Performance Phase 3 Malki, R., Williams, A.J., Croft, T.N., Togneri, M. & Masters, I 2013
A Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator Design for a Tidal Current Turbine (SeaGen) Phase 2 KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M.A. 2011
A GPU based compressible multiphase hydrocode for modelling violent hydrodynamic impact problems Phase 3 Ma, Z.H., Causon, D.M., Qian, L., Gu, H., Mingham, C.G. & Martinez Ferrer, P. 2015
A Generic Method for Determining WEC Power Conversion from a Random Sea Phase 1 Smith, G.H. and Venugopal, V 2006
A Homopolar HTSG Topology for Large Direct Drive Wind Turbines Phase 2 KEYSAN, O. & MUELLER, M. 2011
A Modified k-ε Turbulence Model for Tidal Stream Turbine Modelling Using a Coupled BEM-CFD Model Phase 3 Masters, I., Malki, R., Williams, A.J. & Croft, T.N. 2012
A Novel Permanent Magnet Generator For Direct Drive Wave Energy Applications Phase 2 MUELLER, M.A., MCDONALD, A.S., OCHIJE, K. & JEFFREY, J. 2007
A Systematic Approach to Undertake Tidal Energy Resource Assessment with Telemac-2D Phase 3 Pérez-Ortiz, A., Pescatore, J. & Bryden, I. 2013
A Test-Bed for Advanced Control of Wave Energy Converters Phase 1 Price A., Mundon T. Murray A., Wallace A.R 2005
A World First: Swansea Bay Tidal lagoon in review. Phase 3 Waters, S., & Aggidis, G. 2016
A blade element actuator disc approach applied to tidal stream turbines Phase 2 HARRISON, M. E., BATTEN, W. M. & BAHAJ, A.S. 2010


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