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A novel method for deriving the diffraction transfer matrix and its application to multi-body interactions in water waves Phase 3 McNatt, J.C., Venugopal, V. & Forehand, D. 2015
A novel mooring tether for highly dynamic offshore applications; mitigating peak and fatigue loads via selectable axial stiffness Phase 3 Gordelier, T., Parish, D., Thies, P.R. & Johanning, L. 2015
A novel mooring tether for peak load mitigation: Initial performance and service simulation testing. Phase 3 Thies, P.R., Johanning, L. & McEvoy, P. 2014
A numerical and experimental  study of a simplified FPSO in extreme free surface waves using OpenFOAM Phase 3 Hu, Z.Z, Mai, T., Greaves, D. & Raby, A. 2016
A numerical study of wave and current fields around Ramsey Island - tidal energy resource assessment Phase 3 Hashemi, M.R., Neill S.P. & Davies, A.G. 2012
A pilot study into the optimization of the shape of a wave energy collector by genetic algorithm Phase 2 MCCABE, A. P., AGGIDIS, G. A. & WIDDEN, M. B. 2009
A preconditioned implicit free-surface capture scheme for large density ratio on tetrahedral grids Phase 3 Lv, X., Zou, Q., Reeve, D.E. & Zhao, Y. 2012
A preliminary study into optimising the shape of a wave energy collector using a genetic algorithm Phase 2 MCCABE, A. P. & AGGIDIS, G.A. 2009
A review of numerical modelling of wave energy converter arrays Phase 3 Folley, M., Babarit, A., O’Boyle, L., Child, B., Forehand, D., Silverthorne, K., Spinneken, J., Stratigaki, V. & Troch, P. 2012
A simple sliding-mesh interface procedure and its application to the CFD simulation of a tidal-stream turbine Phase 3 McNaughton, J., Afgan, I., Apsley, D.D., Rolfo, S., Stallard, T. & Stansby, P.K. 2014
A study on the interactions of nonlinear surface waves with fixed semi-submerged bodies Phase 3 Rodriguez, M. & Spinneken, J. 2013
A techno-economic analysis of tidal energy technology Phase 3 Johnstone, C.M., Pratt, D., Clarke, J.A. & Grant, A.D. 2013
Abrasion process between a fibre mooring line and a corroded steel element during the transit and commissioning of a Marine Renewable Energy device Phase 3 Herduin, M., Banfield, S., Weller, S., Thies, P.R., Johanning, L. 2016
Accelerated reliability testing of articulated cable bend restrictor in floating marine energy applications Phase 3 Thies, P.R., Tuk, T., Tuk, M., Marta, M., Mueller-Schuetze, S. & Johanning, L. 2016
Accelerating the development of marine energy: exploring the prospects, benefits and challenges Phase 3 Jeffrey, H., Winskel, M. & Jay, B. 2013
Accessibility Risk for Offshore Platforms During Maintenance Phase 3 Cradden, L., Syrda, P., Riordan, C. & Ingram, D. 2013
Accuracy of the actuator disc-RANS approach for predicting the performance and wake of tidal turbines Phase 3 Batten, W.M.J., Harrison, M.E. & Bahaj, A.S. 2013
Acoustic Emission Health Monitoring of Marine Renewables - Illustration with a Wave Energy Converter in Falmouth Bay (UK) Phase 3 Walsh, J., Bashir, I., Thies, P.R., Blondel, P. & Johanning, L. 2015
Active Magnetic Bearings Using Air-Cored Coils Halbach Array in a Linear Wave Energy Converter Phase 3 Barajas-Solano, I.J. & Mueller, M.A. 2014
Active Magnetic Bearings for Linear Generators Phase 3 Barajas-Solano, I., Mueller, M. & Kiprakis, A. 2013


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