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Adaptive harr wavelets for the angular discretisation of spectral wave models. Phase 3 Alexandros, A., Buchan, A.G., Piggott, M.D., Pain, C.C., Hill, J. & Goffin, M.A. 2015
Addressing failure rate uncertainties of marine energy converters Phase 3 Thies, P.R., Smith, G.H. & Johanning, L. 2012
Adjusting the financial risk of tidal current projects by optimising the 'installed capacity/capacity factor'-ratio already during the feasibility stage Phase 2 BUCHER, R., & COUCH, S. J. 2011
Ambient underwater noise in high and low energy flow conditions Phase 3 Willis, M.R., Broudic, M. & Masters, I. 2011
An Empirical Analysis of Coastal Shoaling Induced Modifications to Wave Climate and its Impact on Wave Power Phase 3 Vögler, A., Morrison, J., & Venugopal, V. 2013
An Examination of the Feasibility of Linear Deterministic Sea Wave Prediction in Multi-Directional Seas Using Wave Profiling Radar: Theory, Simulation and Sea Trials Phase 3 Belmont, M.R., Christmas, J. ,Dannenberg, J., Duncan, J., Duncan, J.M. & Ferrier, B. 2014
An Experimental Investigation of Blockage in a Short Fence Array of Tidal Turbines. Phase 3 Cooke, S.C., Willden, R.H.J., Byrne, B.W., Stallard, T. & Feng, T. 2014
An Experimental Survey in the Wake of a Simulated Tidal Current Turbine Phase 2 SUN, X., BRYDEN, I.G., JEFFREY, H., & FOREHAND, D. 2008
An Independent Validation of the Optimality of Latching and De-clutching Control by Evolutionary Phase 2 GUNN, K., TAYLOR, C. J. & LINGWOOD, C. 2011
An Investigation into Power from Pitch-Surge Point-Absorber Wave Energy Converters Phase 1 Chaplin R.V. and Aggidis G.A 2007
An Overview of the UK Marine Energy Sector Phase 3 Lawrence, J., Sedgwick, J., Jeffrey, H. & Bryden, I. 2013
An Unsteady Blade Element Momentum Theory for Tidal Stream Turbines with Morris Method Sensitivity Analysis. Phase 3 Nevalainen, T.M., Johnstone, C.M. & Grant, A.D. 2015
An analysis of the cross-shore beach evolution of a sandy and a composite gravel beach Phase 3 Karunarathna, H., Horrillo-Caraballo, J.M., Ranasinghe, R., Short, A.D. & Reeve, D.E. 2012
An autonomous wave-powered desalination system Phase 2 FOLLEY, M., SUAREZ, B. P. & WHITTAKER, T. 2008
An experimental survey in the wake of a simulated tidal current turbine Phase 2 SUN, X., BRYDEN, I. G., JEFFREY, H. F. & FOREHAND D. I. M. 2009
An integrated IO and CGE approach to analysing changes in environmental trade balances Phase 2 TURNER, K., GILMARTIN, M., MCGREGOR, P., & SWALES, K. 2011
An investigation of issues relating to where energy should enter the production function Phase 2 LECCA, P., SWALES, J.K., & TURNER, K. 2011
An investigation of the effects of wind-induced inclination on floating wind turbine dynamics: heave plate excursion Phase 3 Antonutti, R., Peyrard, C., Johanning, L., Incecik, A. & Ingram, D. 2014
An investigation of the impacts of climate change on wave energy generation: The Wave Hub, Cornwall, UK Phase 3 Reeve, D.E., Chen, Y., Pan, S., Magar, V., Simmonds, D.J. & Zacharioudaki, A. 2011
An offshore network layout and technology design tool Phase 3 Nambiar, A.J., et al. 2014


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