Host Institution: Heriot Watt University

Principal Investigator: Professor Jonathan Side

As part of the licensing arrangements for wave and tidal arrays, environmental effects in the immediate vicinity of devices and arrays will be addressed in the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process that each developer must undertake. The regulatory authorities need to understand, however, how a number of multi-site developments collectively impact on the physical and biological processes over a wider region.

The objectives of TeraWatt are fourfold: Firstly to minimise delays in array licensing by providing answers to 3 specific questions faced by the regulatory authorities, responsible for the licensing of wave and tidal developments; and secondly to collect the methodologies used to answer these into a methods toolbox that can be more widely utilised for such assessments, and in which the marine developer community has confidence.

  1. What is the best way to assess the wave and tidal resource and the effects of energy extraction on it?
  2. What are the physical consequences of wave and tidal energy extraction?
  3. What are the ecological consequences of wave and tidal energy extraction?
  4. The assembly of all appropriate methods, their review, and synthesis in a standardised methods toolbox.