SuperGen Marine Energy Research Consortium

Phase 1: October 2003 - September 2007

The research of the Marine Energy Consortium focuses on the potential for future exploitation of the marine energy resource. SuperGen Marine Phase 1 (October 2003 - September 2007) brought together research staff from the Universities of Edinburgh, Robert Gordon, Lancaster, Heriot-Watt and Strathclyde. Together they undertook generic research with the following long-term objectives. To:

  1. Increase knowledge and understanding of the extraction of energy from the sea;
  2. Reduce risk and uncertainty for stakeholders in the development and deployment of technology;
  3. Enable progression of marine technology and energy into true positions in future energy portfolios

In order to meet these objectives, thirteen research work packages (WPs) were undertaken:

Work Package Title
WP1 Appraisal of Energy Resource & Converters: Environmental Interaction
WP2 Development of Methodologies for Device Evaluation and Optimisation
WP3 Engineering Guidance
WP4 Offshore Energy Conversion and Power Conditioning
WP5 Chemical Conversion and Storage
WP6 Network Interaction of Marine Energy
WP7 Lifetime Economics
WP8 Moorings and Foundations
WP9 Novel Control Systems for Marine Energy Converters
WP10 Full-scale Field Validation
WP11 Assessment of Testing Procedures for Tidal Current Devices
WP12 Economic, Environmental and Social Impact of New Marine Technologies
WP13 Dissemination and Outreach