WS11: Doctoral Training Programme

SuperGen I was catalytic and supportive in the re-establishment of collaborative marine energy research in UK universities still active in this area. However, the figureheads and lead investigators in three of the five universities in the consortium retired during the first three years of its operation. The influx of new academics and the osmosis of researchers to academic staff positions brought about the need for new research staff and students to maintain and build capacity. Today's doctoral students will become tomorrow's researchers in both the academic and commercial sectors.

As of the completion of year 2 of SuperGen Marine II, all doctoral training programme positions have been filled. In addition, six training courses have so far been held, with topics including wave and tidal hydrodynamics, electrical conversion, environmental impacts and economic principles. These courses have been located in locations as diverse as the Orkney Islands (home of the European Marine Energy Centre) and Portaferry in Northern Ireland where Marine Current Turbine Ltd's pioneering Seagen tidal energy converter is installed.